Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia Queensland

( The Indonesian Students Association of Australia Queensland )

Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia (PPIA) Queensland is a non-profit organization run by indonesian students in Queensland, Australia. The
purpose of PPIA is to help Indonesian students from all levels of education to stay in touch and unite with Indonesians in Queensland. Also, to engage
students through PPIA Queensland’s activities and to create a platform where students develop their organizational skill.


Established in 1981, PPIA has now comprises 8 state-level organizations (PPIA State) including PPIA Queensland. Within PPIA, there are six branches of
Indonesian students’ association, including: University of Queensland Indonesian Student Association (UQISA), Indonesia Student Association of
Queensland University of Technology (ISAQ), Indonesian Student Association of Griffith University (ISAGU), Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia-Australia James Cook University (PPIA JCU), and Bond Indonesia (B.I.S.A).

University of Queensland Indonesian Student Association

UQISA is a platform for Indonesian student, especially in UQ to communicate and socialise through social, academic, or even recreation events. We aim to connect Indonesian students living in Brisbane with the local communities and accommodate their study here in UQ.

UQISA is also a platform for International and domestic students in UQ to learn Indonesian language and culture. Through several socio-cultural programs, UQISA provides a channel for people beyond Indonesian students to have
intercultural Communication.


How to register?
If you are interested in joining UQISA, please register through the link below


Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia

Queensland University of Technology

( Indonesian Students Association Queensland )

Indonesia Student Association of QUT (ISAQ) is a branch of Indonesia Organization named Perhimpunan Pelajar Indinesia Australia (PPIA) that
facilities the entire community of Indonesia students who conducted study at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to assist and build a network with one another. ISAQ applies for its role as a medium to accommodate a variety of students need and information between Indonesia and QUT. ISAQ holds occasion to introduce and promote Indonesia cultures to the people in Australia.


( Indonesian Students Association of Griffith University )

Greetings to all new Indonesian Griffith University students! Indonesia Student Association of Griffith University (ISAGU) is the branch of PPIA QLD which aims to create solidarity between Indonesian students in Griffith University, to introduce Indonesian culture to the international community in Griffith University and to work together with other international community’s organisations to provide activities that are useful for members and people.

There are five active Griffith University campuses, which are located in, Nathan, Gold Coast, Southbank and Logan. The centre of ISAGU administration resides in Nathan Campus. However, the interest of all Indonesian students throughout all Griffith University campuses.

Please send any inquiry to


( James Cook University Indonesian Student Association )

Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia - James Cook University (PPIA JCU) or JCUISA (James Cook University Indonesian Student Association) is
primarily aimed at improving and maintaining relationship and connection among its members. To date, sport and cultural events are two ways that have been implemented to accomplish the purpose due to the limitation of the club properties. We also initiate a database of JCU Indonesian student’s Alumni to extend our networking to alumni, thus connecting future and current Indonesian students.


Furthermore, in order to build a good-relationship in the form of cultural understanding between Indonesia and Australia in a small scale, JCUISA has
been running a cross-culture understanding program for several years, called PPIA JCU Cultural Outreach. It is designed to introduce Indonesian culture and language to Australian schools and institutions in Townsville, and Cairns, such as Townsville Multicultural Support Group (TMSG), Aitkenvale State School, Townsville Cultural Festival. In addition, we also want to promote our beautiful Indonesian Culture as well as our UNI life through our video-series.



( Bond Indonesian Student Association )

Bond Indonesian Student Association (B.I.S.A) is a cultural club that aims to unite the Indonesian community within Bond University and to provide a
platform for cultural exchange between Indonesians and other nationalities. Taking note that Indonesia is one of Australia’s closest neighbor, it is important for both Australians and Indonesians to have friendly relationships. We hope that through B.I.S.A we are able to expand cultural awareness within Bond and other communities. ‘Bisa’ in Bahasa Indonesia literally menas ‘can’, so B.I.S.A has a can-do attitude!



PPIA Youth Queensland

PPIA Youth is an organization that aims to gather and unite all Indonesian high school students in Queensland

Australian Indonesia Youth Association

The Australia Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA) is an independent youth-led organisation with a vision to connect young Indonesians and Australians to each other and Australia-Indonesia related opportunities. With a mission to connect, inform and inspire young Australians and Indonesians by advancing education and culture through increased youth engagement, AIYA works towards building greater youth engagement from Australian and Indonesian governments, businesses and other organisations.


To get involved with Australia-Indonesia events and meet like-minded students and young professionals, visit