Synergy of Indonesia Australia

SIA is an organisation that created the IndOz Festival, which is the biggest Indonesian Cultural event in Queensland launched in August 2013.
SIA was established in October 2012. Through the IndOz Festival, SIA has a mission to promote Indonesian education in Australia by exploring and
developing the synergies between the two nations which for collaboration through a range of unique and exciting activities.


The IndOz Festival also has the objectives:

  • To bring together the Indonesian and Australian communities in Brisbane and around Australia;

  • To provide an opportunity for businesses and government officials from Indonesia and Australia to meet and network;

  • To promote and encourage the multicultural society that is in Brisbane and surrounding areas;

  • To attract both domestic and foreign tourists given the festival’s central location

Seharum Nusantara Inc.

Seharum Nusantara Inc. is an Indonesian-Australian community in Gold Coast, QLD. This organisation supports a multicultural and harmonious Australia through art & culture by embracing the presentation and exhibitions of the Indonesian culture through dance performances and organising annual community events in align to Indonesian and Australian government’s programmes.


Kusuma Indonesia Community Australia

KICA is a non-profit Gold Coast-Brisbane based dance group. The objective is to promote Indonesian culture by participating and contributing to community events and Indonesian dance classes mentoring. They have worked in Indonesian events, such as Independence Day, Indonesian Women’s day celebrations (Kartini Day) and IndOz Festival by performing dances and playing traditional Indonesian musics.

Australia Indonesia Diaspora Network

Australia Indonesia Diaspora Network is part of the Indonesian Diasporas, which are spread in the five continents of the world. 


They are large and diverse groups of people, bonded by their connection and affection towards Indonesia. They are determined to build a global community of viable Indonesian diasporas. 

For more information, please visit their website:

Replique Ministry Brisbane

Replique Ministry Brisbane is an Indonesian community church located in East Brisbane.
They believe that as a church, they should be the mirror replica of God, created in His image to serve and create impacts on the people around them. They have several activities, such as Sunday Service at 10.30 am, Prayer Night every Wednesday at 7.30 pm, and Support Group every second and fourth Saturday of the month at 7.00 pm.

For more information, please visit their website:

Smash Bersalin

Smash Bersalin is a badminton sports organisation in Brisbane.

For more information, please visit their Facebook:

Parsahutaon Batak Queensland

Parsahutaon Batak Queensland is an organisation for Bataknese Queensland to gather and connect.​

For more information, please visit their Facebook:


Australian Indonesian Culture and Welfare Association Inc. 

AICWAI is an organisation that breaks the barriers between the Indonesian and Australian communities.
Their mission is to enhance the relationship between Indonesian and Australian communities; promote cross-cultural exchange between Australians and Indonesians in terms of culture, welfare and cuisine; involve and participate in various multicultural Australia programs; promote Indonesian heritage;  and to impact and lift others - be the light of our society and surroundings.
For more information, please visit their Facebook:


Perhimpunan Indonesia Queensland

PIQ is a non-profit organisation, uniting all Indonesian people and communities in Queensland to embrace the multicultural spirit in Australia.
Their activities include commemorating Kartini Day and other Indonesian celebrations, organising consular and immigration services, as well as holding community gatherings for all Indonesian communities in Brisbane.


Indonesian Catholic Family

ICF is an Indonesian Catholic community that has been established for more than 20 years.
ICF holds weekly Sunday mass at 10.30 am in St. Ita Church, Dutton Park. Besides that, ICF has diverse activities, such as rosary prayers, recollection, picnic, retreats and etc.
For more information, please visit their website: 
or contact Sentosa (0403 288 706) 

Indonesian Islamic Society of Brisbane

IISB is a social organisation that fosters the relationship between Indonesian Moslems in Brisbane, Australia 
Their vision is to enhance the relationship among the Indonesian Moslems in Brisbane so they can feel comfortable as if they are living in Indonesia. Their service consists of the regular sermon, zakah, infaq, sadaqah collection and outing. Their motto is “The comfort house for all Indonesian Muslims in Greater Brisbane”.
For more information, please visit their website:
or contact +61402760567

Rock City /  Bethany Brisbane International Church

The church started in 2016 with a vision to create a Christian community for the younger generation living in Brisbane.
They understand that living in a foreign country can be very challenging. They hope to create a community where they can support and encourage each other.
Their weekly Indonesian/English service is held every Sunday, 10.30 am at QUT (Garden Point), B119.
For more information, please contact their website: 
or contact Philip (0411541391), Eldwin (0401332703), Yonathan (0450277499)

Zamania Brisbane

Zamania Brisbane is a traditional dance community where Indonesian students can share the same passion and interest to learn the Saman Dance. 

They are fueled by passion, creativity, and dreams to represent the beauty of Saman dance as one of the Indonesian cultures. They believe when people find a home, they should learn and explore it by sharing and creating beautiful performances. 
They have the vision to unite Indonesian students in Brisbane, based on the same passion and interest to learn, explore, and represent Indonesian cultures through Saman dance.
Their mission to create a sense of belonging in each member and delivering the beauty of Indonesian cultures through Saman Dance performances.


Balai Budaya Bahasa Indonesia

BBIQ is a language advocacy organisation established on the 27th of March 2017.
The organization is the premier organisation that serves advocacy and promotion of Indonesian language and cultures in Queensland through various promotional as well as programmatic activities.
For more information, please contact:

Indonesian Golf Queensland

Indonesian Golf Queensland is a community for Indonesians who are interested in playing golf.
They will be golfing at beautiful golf courses and driving courses around Brisbane and Gold Coast. This community is open for anyone who wants to start playing golf and explore golf courses in Queensland.